Dog Food Spotlight: Orijen Dog Food

Dog Food Spotlight: Orijen Dog Food

Dog Food Spotlight Orijen Dog FoodAll of the team, here at Trusty Pet Supplies are genuine animal lovers. This means that we only sell products that are healthy for your pets. In this blog, we are going to put the spotlight on one of our favourite dog food products: Orijen Dog Food.

Orijen Dog Food is a dry dog food brand concocting biologically appropriate and healthy meals for dogs. Made exclusively from fresh, local ingredients, in their own kitchens, you can be assured that there are no hidden “nasties” finding their way in.

High Meat Content = Happy Dog!

Dog Food Spotlight Orijen Dog Food

Labrador retriever puppy looking at an English Bulldog eating from a dog bowl, isolated on white dogs are omnivores but are supposed to get the majority of their calories from meat sources. Unlike some major dog food brands, Orijen dog food doesn’t rely on nutritionally poor starchy fillers to feed dogs. It is 85% meat, meaning your dog will get the correct balance of amino acids, fats and nutrients.

To go into greater detail about why dogs are designed for high meat diets, you need only understand how their bodies work. With single-hinge jaws, perfect for tearing up meat, pointy teeth (which would be useless at breaking down foliage), you can see how dogs are best suited to meaty diets.

What is also important is variety. While you could feed your dog chicken for every meal, it is preferable to give them a range of different meat sources, so that they are getting the full spectrum of fat and protein types.

In each dry dog food pellet, you can find up to eight different fresh or raw meats, providing your dog with top draw nutrition for peak health.

Fresh and Raw Ingredients

Dog Food Spotlight Orijen Dog Food

Another problem with a lot of large scale commercial dog food brands is that they cook their ingredients to oblivion, meaning a lot of the nutritional value is decimated. Moreover, they use derivative ingredients that would be unfit for human consumption, just to save a little money.

Orijen uses natural and fresh ingredients only, and all of their meat and fish is sourced sustainably and responsibly. It is even tested for human consumption before being made into dog food.

A Trusty Approved Dog Food

With these fantastic features, it’s no surprise that Orijen Dog Food has the Trusty Pet Supplies paw print of approval. You can get yours, tailored to your dog’s needs, for next day delivery from our website.