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Hedgerow Hounds Green Clay 250g


A must have for your natural first aid kit!

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Hedgerow Hounds was founded by sports, remedial and holistic massage therapist, Caroline Hearn. She has learnt that a combined focus on diet, exercise, muscle development, temperament, environment and daily routine is vital in order to improve or resolve a dog’s health issues.

Green Clay has excellent drawing properties. It has many benefits, including:

  • Dries up wet eczema and hot spots
  • Controls infection in wounds and abscesses
  • Forms a protective layer over injuries
  • Naturally repels insects
  • Calms and soothes itchy or traumatised skin

Green clay can be made into a thick paste with a little water and spread onto the affected area. This acts as a protective barrier for sore or fragile wounds. As the clay dries, moisture is drawn away from any wet areas of skin.

The dry powder can be applied with a clean cotton ball. This is particularly useful for instantly calming an inflamed area or itchy rash.

Infected areas should be cleaned in between applications. This product is completely safe should your dog accidentally lick or consume it.

For additional healing, add a drop or two of Oregano or Lavender essential oil.

Please note: This product should not replace veterinary treatment if it is needed, especially if serious infection is present in a wound.


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