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ProDen PlaqueOff Powder for Cats 40g


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Dental care is unfortunately one of the most overlooked health issues by pet owners.
As in humans, plaque bacteria constantly form in the mouth of all cats and dogs. Once plaque has calcified into tartar it can no longer be brushed off with a toothbrush. In many cases it has to be removed by a vet, using ultrasound and anaesthetic.

ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder Cat is a patented natural feed supplement which is clinically proven to significantly reduce bad breath, plaque and tartar in cats. Like all ProDen PlaqueOff® products, ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder Cat is made from the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum . Since cats are known for having a more discerning palate, we have added brewer’s yeast to this product – an ingredient which most cats love. ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder Cat has proven to be irresistible to a panel of cat critics. Prior to the product launch, a palatability test was performed at Laboratories Le Centre de Sourches in France. The result: 100% acceptance.

ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder Cat provides an easy complement to ordinary oral hygiene.
The active ingredient is a specially selected algae, Ascophyllum nodosum , harvested along the North Atlantic coast. The 100% all natural product, ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder Cat is free from additives and artificial preservatives and contains no gluten or added sugar.

*Not suitable for animals being treated for hyperthyroidism*


Specially selected seaweed: Ascophyllum nodosum, D1070.
Natural iodine 0.08%.


Analysis: Crude protein 5-8%, crude fat 2-4%, ash 15-27%.

Additives: Brewer’s yeast 10%.


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