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Trusty Pet Supplies Hide 5’ Cigar


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You may have recently seen across social media platforms the claims regarding the dangers of rawhide chews for your dog. As importers and sellers of such chews for over 25 years with no complaints or issues over the claimed health risks that have been talked about, we feel that we must respond to these claims to ensure that you, as an owner, are fully aware of the facts. While we cannot speak for rawhide imported from China only that which is from Thailand under the Mr. Bones brand, we would like to tell you the truth about these products.
The issue that hydrogen peroxide is being used to process and clean the hide to remove any remaining bacteria is correct HOWEVER it is a diluted version of the solution, the Thai factory where we import our rawhide is extremely clean, has regular checks from Veterinarians and has a very stringent code of ethics for manufacturing these products. Once the products have been cleaned, THE THAI’S WASH THE PRODUCTS FOR SEVERAL HOURS AND SEVERAL TIMES IN FRESH WATER TO ENSURE THAT IS FREE FROM ANY RESIDUE AND HAVE THEIR HIDE TESTED TO ENSURE THAT THIS IS CORRECT.
We can confirm that our hide chews are made from 100% cow or buffalo hide AND DEFINITLEY NOT FROM ANY OTHER ANIMALS.
Some of these articles circulating across social media have been stating that white hide is dyed or is painted with titanium, we can confidently inform you that again this is untrue, white hide is left in the cleaning solution longer than the brown hide to make this product white. I would like to reiterate that the products are washed in fresh water for several hours and several times in fresh water to ensure they are free from residue.
With every shipment of chews that are shipped, the Thai have to send a certificate of health that is signed by a Vet and both we and our supplier have to follow regulations set by port health. These regulations can be viewed at the following link:
We would like to assure every dog owner that Mr. Bones rawhide products are safe for your pet but it is one of the best products on the market for keeping your dog’s dental health in pristine condition, giving them the protein they need without the fat, we know how much of an important part of the family they are!
To reinforce our statement we would like to refer worried owners to read the article written by Kazoo, an Australian importer of Rawhide chews from the same manufacturer who writes; “Over the 3 decades I have been in business, I have visited many Rawhide Chew Factories and have never seen, heard or witnessed manufacturing practices that are outside of the mandatory regulations we follow. I can certify that all Kazoo Rawhide Dog Chews are made from 100% cow or buffalo hide.”

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