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Become a Trusty Trader

Become a Trusty Trader At Trusty Pet Supplies, we are always looking to expand. We stock a wide range of products: from dog food, to rabbit leashes, and from cat treats to turtle food!  We love hearing from other businesses, about what your plans are for the future; your ethos, when it comes to providing […]

Our Top 3 Nutritious Bird Feed Choices 

Our Top 3 Nutritious Bird Feed Choices  Spring is well and truly here. With birds returning from their migration, nesting and having babies, it is the best time to feed them. Liven up your garden, and make a real difference   They’ll be tired and hungry raising their young, so putting out some bird feed will […]

Bunny-Proofing your home

Bunny-Proofing your home Anyone who has ever met a rabbit can attest to the fact that, although cute, fluffy and cuddly, they can also be destructive, territorial and feisty. Those teeth may chew through wires, skirting boards, your favourite jumper and books, and they may also dig up your carpet.  Getting annoyed at your bunny […]

Dog Food Spotlight: Orijen Dog Food

Dog Food Spotlight: Orijen Dog Food All of the team, here at Trusty Pet Supplies are genuine animal lovers. This means that we only sell products that are healthy for your pets. In this blog, we are going to put the spotlight on one of our favourite dog food products: Orijen Dog Food.  Orijen Dog […]

Top Dog Food Ingredients for a Shiny Coat

Top Dog Food Ingredients for a Shiny Coat  One of the best ways you can tell your dog is happy is through the shininess of their coat. It is a sign that their skin is healthy, that they have enough vitamins. This means that they are likely to live longer, more fulfilling lives.  So what […]

Beginners guide to Raw Feeding 

What is a Raw Food diet? The raw food diet is exactly what it sounds like – feeding your pet raw ingredients! A balanced raw meal is based on the 80-10-10 principle of 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal. Benefits of Raw Feeding: • Healthier skin • Shinier Coat • Improved Digestion • Smaller […]

How to make your pup picture-perfect ????

How to make your pup picture-perfect ???? Getting the best picture of your dog can be tricky! Not only are they difficult to keep still, it’s also hard to get the right angle, or make sure they are looking at the camera. On the internet however, most people love an adorable puppy picture, so read […]

Lintbells: Improve Your Dog’s Quality of Life

Common untreated problems that dogs may encounter during their lives include issues such as itching, moulting, stiffness, indigestion and anxiety. Dogs, being generally stoical, tend to put up with these as a part of their day-to-day lives, but there is no reason why they should continue to.

How To Safely Protect Your Pets From Fleas

  If you have a cat or a dog that has ever been outside, the chances are, at some point it would have picked up fleas. Fleas live on the skin of our pets, beneath the hair, and feed off their blood. They are nearly impossible to remove manually and cause great discomfort in pets. […]

Keeping Yourself Busy During Lockdown

  Are you finding yourself bored with the current isolation rules? Do you sit in your garden wanting to feel close to someone or something? If you live alone, do you think that it is possible to find company in nature? With the current COVID-19 situation, many people are searching for things to do, while […]


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