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Raw Dog Food

While it may seem like a new concept, a raw dog food diet has a long history dating back to before domestication. It consists of feeding your dog uncooked, raw ingredients such as meat, bones, fruit and vegetables.

Raw food for dogs also contains essential nutrients which can also improve the condition of your dog’s skin and coat. Just the right quantities of naturally sourced fatty acids can give your dog a glossy coat and help improve any skin complaints.

Raw dog food also supports your dog’s digestion, which may result in firmer, more manageable poos. Raw food is easier to digest as it is free from any fillers or sugar which are often associated with processed food diets. This means your dog will be able to absorb the more digestible nutrients from their food, resulting in less waste, easier to pick-up poos and an overall healthier digestive system.

Raw meaty bones are edible bone covered in raw muscle meat and connective tissues. Bones are essential in a raw diet to provide necessary calcium and other nutrients which play a vital role in creating firm stool, but it is important to only feed raw meaty bones safe for consumption.

Raw wings from chicken and duck proteins are a great raw meaty bone for raw diets. These wings can be divided into three sections such as the drumette, wingette, and wing tip. These wing sections prove beneficial for small breed dogs and cats who need smaller portions.

Turkey wings can be fed to large and giant breed dogs, but it is recommended to separate the drumette from the wingette and wing tip. The bone found in turkey drumettes are dense and break in a way that can be risky. The drumette can be deboned to feed the muscle meat and the remaining bone can be saved to make bone broth.

Chicken, turkey, and duck necks are excellent raw meaty bone options to include in raw diets to meet edible bone requirements. Raw necks are a good raw meaty bone to promote teeth cleaning from chewing.

Raw feet from chicken and duck are smaller raw meaty bones, but can be fed to all pets. Raw feet have a high amount of ligaments and connective tissues which is a great source of naturally occurring collagen and chondroitin.

Pork trotters (feet) are another raw meaty bone option. Pork trotters are better suited for large and giant breeds due to their size. Additionally, pork totters are high in fat and may not be an appropriate raw meaty bone option for dogs who have issues with fatty foods.

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