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Arden Grange

The Arden Grange dry dog food range that we supply is of extremely high quality. The meat in the formulas below come from excellent farming environments and as the tagline says: “nutrition without compromise”.

There’s a huge choice when it comes to Arden Grange dog food, you can choose the dog food you need by the size of the dog and the taste that they already love. You have a huge amount of flavour options ranging from your classic chicken to more sophisticated salmon varieties.

We stock bags up to 12kg’s, so if you’re sure which flavour your dog likes you can buy in bulk and make some savings. This also ensures that you don’t get short-sighted and run out of food for your beloved dog.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us.

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Find food options for your pet

Recommended for large and giant breed puppies from 8 wks of age +. Can also be used for:
• Smaller breed puppies who prefer a larger kibble size
• Smaller breed puppies with a large appetite
• Smaller breed puppies who have a higher requirement for joint protection
• Large and giant breed puppies who are younger than 8 wks of age

Nutritional Information:

• Larger kibble size – perfect for large and giant breed puppies
• Boosted levels of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM – to help maintain supple, strong joints and cartilage
• 35% Chicken: comprising fresh chicken and superior quality chicken meat meal – providing meat protein of a very high biological value to support the structural and functional demands of the body during growth
• Less energy dense than the regular Puppy Junior – to help promote slow and steady growth; a good choice for puppies with a larger appetite

Recommended for adult dogs with a delicate digestion or sensitive skin. Can also be used for:
• Dogs who prefer fish based diets
• Dogs who require a grain-free diet, and in particular those with dietary allergies
• Older puppies with chicken or grain allergy/intolerance (12 wks+ – please ask for our special feeding guide under such circumstances)

Nutritional Information:

• ARDEN GRANGE Ocean White Fish and Potato is a nutritionally complete dry food which is ideally suited to adult dogs with a delicate digestion or sensitive skin
• Ocean white fish provides a primary protein source that is easily metabolised for efficient bodily functioning
• An excellent omega-3 : omega-6 ratio which may help alleviate inflammation and supress adverse immune reactions
• Cereal and grain free providing all breeds of dog with a hypoallergenic, wholesome diet full of natural goodness