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Beaphar Fresh Breath Tablets are scientifically formulated breath freshening tablets that have been designed to combat chronic bad breath problems.

Providing a long term solution, the Beaphar Fresh Breath Tablets contain chlorophyll, which is a natural substance derived from green plants that absorbs nasty odours.

Using these tablets in conjunction with regular brushing of your dog’s teeth can work to defeat that bad breath problem!

Beaphar Tooth Gel for Cats and Dogs 100g is a quick and easy way to ensure your pet has good oral hygiene, without the hassle of brushing their teeth.

Containing Propolis, a natural anti-bacterial ingredient, this Tooth Gel helps to keep your pet’s teeth and gums in a clean and healthy condition.

Easy to use, you just have to squeeze the gel along your pet’s teeth and let their tongue do the rest of the work.

So for better oral health, use the Beaphar Tooth Gel!

Beaphar Toothbrush & Toothpaste for Dogs is an easy to use and effective way to ensure that your dog has nice clean teeth, and fresh smelling breath, at all times.

Containing a specially designed toothbrush and a great tasting toothpaste, this simple kit provides everything you need for your dog’s oral health.

Not only beneficial for your pet’s overall health, but the process of regular cleaning is a great way to bond with them too!

Beaphar Toothpaste is fantastic dual action toothpaste that is excellent for maintaining good oral hygiene in your pet.

Specially formulated for dogs in a readily accepted meaty flavour, this toothpaste helps to strengthen your pet’s teeth while special enzymes work to break down plaque and tartar build up.

Also containing chlorophyll, this outstanding toothpaste actively combats bad breath by absorbing nasty oral odours.

So for better oral hygiene that will leave your pet’s mouth clean and fresh, the Beaphar Toothpaste is the perfect choice!

Hatch Wells Denti Fresh Meat Flavour Toothpaste is a non-enzyme formula which discourages plaque build up and freshens breath. Suitable for cats and dogs.

Fresh mint flavour.
Helps control breath and body odour in cats and dogs.
30 tablets.

Dental care is unfortunately one of the most overlooked health issues by pet owners.
As in humans, plaque bacteria constantly form in the mouth of all cats and dogs. Once plaque has calcified into tartar it can no longer be brushed off with a toothbrush. In many cases it has to be removed by a vet, using ultrasound and anaesthetic.

ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder provides an easy complement to ordinary oral hygiene
The active ingredient is a specially selected algae, Ascophyllum nodosum, harvested along the North Atlantic coast. The 100% all natural product, ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder is free from additives and artificial preservatives and contains no gluten or added sugar.

• Proden PlaqueOff is a completely natural product
• Used daily, it can significantly help in the control of dental plaque, tartar and bad breath.
• Rich in natural iodine and contains important vitamins and minerals
• It helps stop plaque ‘stick’ to the surfaces in the mouth and softens hard tartar deposits.
• Improvements should start to be seen between 3 and 8 weeks.

*Not suitable for animals being treated for hyperthyroidism*