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The Komodo Glass Terrarium is a design classic. With excellent visibility and easy access, this enclosure will appeal to reptile keepers with a flair for vivarium decor. Komodo Glass Terrariums also boast a range of features to boost reptile enrichment, support effective husbandry and promote excellent reptile welfare too.

Easy to store and build.


– Ideal for pets that require more humidity as the glass is perfect for retaining moisture
– Watertight base
– Removable mesh top allows easy access for maintenance and installation
– Mesh side panel provides optimum ventilation to reduce build up of CO2 and other harmful pathogens
– Glass construction allows maximum visibility
– Tight fitting to prevent live food escaping
– Complete with lock and clips for added security

Measures 45cm x 45cm x 45cm. Product is flat packed.

The Komodo Ecology Habitat has been designed to make it simple and easy to create the optimal eco-system for the reptile. It comes complete with non-slip rubber feet to enable safer stacking.


Peace of mind: Safety glass sliding doors aren’t just for easy access and great visibility. In case of an accident, our precision fitted safety glass is will shatter, not shard, eliminating risks for both the keeper and the kept.

Easy installation: Removable top panel provides easy access for electrical cables and thermostat probes means no more unsightly drill holes.

Clever design for superior air flow: Ventilation is installed in each side panel, rather than the back, providing better airflow than traditional vivarium designs. This means they can be positioned against walls without impeding the flow of air through the vents. Improved air flow helps to prevent the build up of carbon dioxide and harmful pathogens.

Practical stacking solution: Non-slip feet allow them to be stacked, making them safe in situ and ideal for owners with multiple enclosures.

Longer lasting: Ecology Habitats are made from high-quality veneered MDF for better insulation and increased durability. Panels are fixed together using stronger fittings at more regular intervals to provide a super-secure construction.

These Nano Habitats can be stacked to create a visually stunning display of habitats. Their special raised bases means that each habitat will still be well ventilated. They have a waterproof base, feature a secure sliding mesh lid and are easy to clean.

Komodo’s Plastic Terrariums are ideal for transporting reptiles, as well as breeding and raising young hatchlings, and for quarantine requirements too. They also make good homes for spiders, millipedes, snails and small amphibians.

Available in flat or tall sizes to suit different species, these terrariums offer a sleek and contemporary design matched with purpose-built features to ensure optimum health & safety for its occupants. Angled ventilation provides optimum airflow, and a large door allows for easy access. They are also stackable for display and breeding purposes, with non-slip feet and useful pop-out cable openings for any electrical heating, lighting and monitoring equipment requirements.

The Komodo Terrarium lock fits any front opening Komodo terrarium to ensure all reptiles and amphibians are secure.

Key operated.