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Komodo’s Aspen Bedding is the world’s most popular snake bedding, made from wood from the Aspen tree. It encourages natural burrowing behaviour, but more importantly holds its shape when burrowed into, allowing snakes to build their own den.

Aspen Bedding is the professionals’ choice for many species of reptile including Corn Snakes, Kingsnakes, Milk Snakes, Sand Boas and other burrowing species, Blue Tongues Skinks and many Monitor Lizards. It may not be suitable for Rainforest species.

Cover the floor of the vivarium with Aspen Bedding Terrain, usually at least twice the depth of the animal’s body.

100% biodegradable. 100% natural.

Beech Chips offer a versatile flooring solution for most reptiles including snakes, lizards or tortoises. They can also be used with birds and some small mammals. Ideal for use with reptiles requiring an arid environment, beech chips can also be used with reptiles needing a semi humid environment.

When using Komodo Beech chips with under floor heating, care must be taken to ensure no more than a 2cm layer is placed on top of the heater. Beech chips are an excellent insulator, however using a layer of chips over the recommended depth can quickly cause thermal blocking, which can lead to high temperatures and potentially can cause a hazardous situation.

This Substrate is great for:

Bearded Dragon
Veiled Chameleon
Corn Snake
King Snake
Horsfields Tortoise
Mediterranean Tortoise

Sourced from a 100% organic renewable resource. Easily compostable once used.

Made from 100% Calcium Carbonate, CaCo3 sand has been developed to provide a safe and hygienic terrain for many desert dwelling reptiles. Designed to be digestible if inadvertently swallowed, it reduces the risk of impaction in a reptile. Available in a wide range of colours, it is ideal for achieving anything from a natural set-up to a vibrant enclosure.

– Designed to be a safer alternative to normal silica sand
– Hygroscopic properties dehydrates mites and reduces infestations
– Natural and long lasting
– Suitable for use with a heat mat
– Conducts heat well to maintain habitat temperature

Top tip for tortoise keepers:
If CaCo³ sand is the chosen substrate when keeping tortoises, it is recommended that only natural colours are used.

Komodo’s Habitat Moss is natural, locally sourced Sphagnum Moss. Brilliant for providing humidity within a set up. It provides an ideal substrate to aid with reptiles shedding skin and creating a natural environment.

This Substrate is great for:

Crested Gecko
Day Gecko
Water Dragon
Royal Python
Poison Arrow Frog
Whites Tree Frog
Hermit Crab

Tortoise Eco Terrain has been created to meet the flooring needs of Mediterranean, Russian and other species of tortoises found in arid environments. This substrate helps to replicate the terrain found in their natural environment and a deep layer of Tortoise Eco Terrain aids in allowing tortoises to carry out normal burrowing behaviour.

– Naturalistic tortoise substrate
– Soil and sand mix
– 100% natural product
– Encourages natural digging and burrowing behaviour
– Suitable for use with certain lizards

The Tropical Terrain Compact Brick is a natural substrate ideal for woodland or rainforest habitats. Chosen by professional breeders worldwide, it encourages natural burrowing behaviour. Tropical Terrain can be used for a wide variety of animals because it can be used dry, slightly humid or even wet. It is especially useful for humid loving animals. Each compact brick expands to seven times their size when placed in water.

This Substrate is great for:

Crested Gecko
Day Gecko
Water Dragon
Royal Python
Poison Arrow Frog
Whites Tree Frog
Hermit Crab