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KING BRITISH: Healthy, Happy Fish!

King British Turtle & Terrapin Water Freshener neutralises & digests organic waste produced by turtles & terrapins. Contains five different types of friendly microbes which break down waste, helping to control bad odours. One 100ml bottle will treat up to 900 litres of tank water.

Safe, accurate and easy to use, Komodo’s Claw Clippers help to keep a reptile’s claws trim.

Regular use helps to reduce scratches and damage to both the reptile and owner.

Komodo Reptile Scales are a useful tool in helping to maintain a healthy pet. They can assist in monitoring the weight of an adult reptile or, if used with hatchlings and young reptiles, instil confidence that they are growing into a healthy adult.

– Suitable for any species up to 5kg/11lbs
– Easy to read digital display
– Metric/Imperial measure

Can also be used for small animals or birds.

Regular cage maintenance is a vital aspect of keeping any reptile, amphibian or invertebrate. The Komodo Sand Scoop makes spot cleaning easy. Simply scoop up soiled substrate, shake the scoop to drop clean substrate and safely dispose of the waste matter. For best results, use Komodo’s Anti-Bacterial spray to sterilise after use.

The Komodo Spray Bottle is ideal for creating humidity in your reptile’s vivarium. It is especially suited to the habitats of rainforest animals such as chameleons, tree frogs and iguanas. It holds 550ml of water and comes with an adjustable spray nozzle and an ergonomic trigger grip to allow you to spray quickly and easily.

The Komodo Spray Bottle can be used to add humidity to your reptile’s terrarium or even as a source of drinking water. It can be used to spray substrates, such as forest bark or coco husk, and when the substrate gets warm, humidity is created. Or it can be sprayed into the air in your vivarium to create humidity, replicating the natural environment of a rain forest lizard.

Some reptiles such as chameleons don’t like drinking at ground level and so won’t use water dishes. They prefer to take liquid that has collected on leaves – like dew in the wild. So this spray bottle is also ideal for that purpose. Depending on your reptile’s needs, the nozzle can be adjusted from a coarse spray to a fine mist.

At a glance:
– Ideal for daily misting of your terrarium
– Can be used to maintain constant air humidity
– Ideal to create reservoirs of drinking water on leaves
– 550ml capacity
– Can be used to encourage shedding

The Komodo Terrarium lock fits any front opening Komodo terrarium to ensure all reptiles and amphibians are secure.

Key operated.