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Feeding Stations

Get one of our wild bird feeding stations to keep the birds coming back. Our kits include everything needed to feed wild birds from your garden. The only thing you need to worry about is what you will feed to the birds, but guess what, we have that too.

Check out our wild bird food section so that you can fill up your feeding station when it arrives. We stock seed, peanuts, fat balls, mealworms, and more. The wild birds will love coming back to your garden.

If you have any questions about any of the wild bird feeding stations that we supply, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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The best way to attract the largest number of wild bird species into your garden is by providing a wide range of foods.

This attractive complete feeding station from Gardman makes it easy for you to do this in your garden.

The Dining Station is made from extra strong screw together poles which provide a lot more strength and stability compared with the cheaper slotted together feeding stations.

The Gardman Complete Feeding Station comes with 2 Seed Feeders, 1 Suet Block Feeder, ! Peanut Feeder, a large mesh ground feeder, a bird bath and a spare wrap around hook which can be used to hang coconuts or other feeders on the station.

The bottom of the pole of the Feeding Station is shaped as a 40cm spike for inserting into your garden or border and providing a stable position. The Feeding Station then sits to a height above the ground of 185cm (225cm before insertion to ground).

The feeding station is easy to assemble.

Dimensions: W 580mm x H 2250mm (400mm spike reducing height to 1850mm)

Gardman Decorative Feeding Station, this feeding station allows you to have more than 1 different type of feed on offer at the same time as with 5 heavy duty hooks you can hang a range of feeders up to feed your garden visitors.

This elegant dining station has a decorative finial with extra strength screw together poles and quick fitting accessories; a large bird bath with support ring and a feeding tray.

This bird feeding station from Gardman is a simple yet stylish design which is quick and easy to set up – and can fully extend to 226 cm tall, and has been finished in a decorative black.

Dimensions: W 65 cm x D 65 cm x H 226 cm  Diameter of pole 2.5 cm.

The Feeding Station in Black from Gardman is extremely easy to construct thanks to the ultra strong screw together poles. This eye-catching piece of architecture comprises of 3 hooks to tempt your feathered friends in for a variety of treats plus an impressive ornamental sculpture at the top which adds that touch of class. Completed by a feeding tray plus a medium bird bath, with support ring, really gives your garden bird community no excuse not to visit making this Feeding Station one to get that party off to a flying start.