Wet or Dry Cat Food?

wet dry cat food


A question many cat owners ask is, should I use wet or dry food? Every animal needs a healthy and balanced diet, and having a cat means no different. The choice of wet or dry depends on yours and your cat’s preference. The important part is the nutritional value of the meals you provide.

Many cat owners believe that dry is best, but they both have the same benefits as long as you get them from a trusted supplier. The important thing is that your cat has a ‘complete’ diet, and some foods simply don’t provide this.

What your cat needs will depend on their individual circumstance, as well as how active they are and if they are an indoor or outdoor cat. If you have an indoor cat, they won’t need as much fat intake as an outdoor cat would. They may still be active, but having a lighter formula would help to avoid weight gain.

Benefits of dry food

Dry cat food is easy, convenient, and lasts longer. They have a much longer shelf-life, and some can also help to remove plaque from teeth. You may find that kittens and older cats prefer wet food because it is easier to eat.

What about wet food?

Cats do tend to eat more wet food in one sitting in comparison to dry food. They may also drink less because of the water content in wet food. If you opt for wet food, then you should ideally serve it at room temperature so that your cat can smell and taste it properly. An important point to note is that wet food should be consumed within 24 hours of it being opened. If you don’t do this, it could make your cat poorly and give him/her a bad tummy.

Benefits of wet food

You may notice that your cat does not drink enough water, and this can lead to problems, especially in male cats. Wet food for cats contains a lot of water, so this is a tasty and nutritious way of ensuring they get the fluid intake that they need.

Mix it up

Although you may think cats prefer one to the other, most cats actually prefer their food to be mixed. Wet food satisfies their enjoyment, but dry food meets their natural desire to eat. There really is no right or wrong answer, as long as your cat gets the required nutrition every day.

We have an extensive range of cat food, and every one is designed to give your kitty the nutrition it needs. Feline nutrition is very important, and you should pay close attention to it if you want to keep them as healthy as possible. If you are unsure about the best food for your cat, get in touch to get your questions answered.