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Riaflex Canine Green Lipped Mussel

From £22.99RRP £24.99 Save up to £2.25

Riaflex bring the highest quality and purity of Green Lipped Mussel to the market, making it the perfect partner to Canine Joint Plus. It is highly concentrated and very economical to use because it contains absolutely no added filler.

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Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) is scientifically known as “Perna Canaliculus”, and is sourced from the pristine waters off the New Zealand coast. It is sustainably farmed and carefully harvested, which ensures that we provide you with the best possible product. In addition, Green Lipped Mussels are rich in omega 3 and amino acids; these nutrients are known to soothe stiff joints.

Our Green Lipped Mussel is cold extracted within 30 minutes of harvesting to ensure the highest possible natural quality.

Benefits of feeding GLM

The Green Lipped Mussel has beneficial effects with:

  • Joint problems
  • Skin conditions
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Connective tissue repair


Green Lipped Mussel
Provides Chondroitin and Omega 3 fatty acids. Chondroitin boosts cartilage synthesis and acts as a water magnet. This aids in joint lubrication and shock absorption. Green Lipped Mussel has a unique rich source of Omega 3 ETA, which helps provide comfort to soothe joints.

No Added Fillers
No colours, preservatives, flavours and definitely NO gimmicks.

Highly Concentrated
Only the highest quality and purity.


Green Lipped Mussel 100%
Made up of:
Saturated Fatty Acids (58.9%)
Omega 3; EPA, DHA, ETA (7-10%)
Glycosaminoglycans 2%
Magnesium 6200mg/kg
Calcium 10800mg/kg


Protein 48.2%; Oil & Fats 2%; Fibre0%; Ash 11.1%
Calcium 3000mg/kg

1 review for Riaflex Canine Green Lipped Mussel

  1. Matthew Pilkington

    going to be ordering this soon.

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