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Crested Geckos are one of the most popular pet lizards in the world, and it is easy to see why. They are small, colourful, easy to keep and fun to observe, making them an ideal pet for today’s busy family.

Komodo’s Advanced Crested Gecko Diet is a complete food which contains all vital nutritional requirements. Calcium, Vitamin D3 and a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals are finely balanced to create this diet. It has been designed and tested for maximum aroma and palatability to make a food which geckos will love.

This complete diet also eliminates the need to feed live insects, making Crested Geckos an ideal pet for customers who can’t stand bugs.

Did you know?
Crested Geckos were thought to be extinct until 1994, when breeder hobbyists rediscovered them on the islands of New Caledonia. Thanks to captive breeding, the Crested Gecko is now the 4th most prolifically produced lizard in the world.

– A complete supplement
– Fruit flavour
– Increased palatability
– Replicates natural diet

Nutri-Cal contains calcium, D3 and a broad complex of vitamins and minerals to support growth and long term well being. It is an important tool in the feeding regime for the majority of tortoises and lizards. Designed for maximum adherence to live insects and fresh plant food.
Nutri-Cal can play an important part of reptile nutrition alongside a varied & healthy diet & correct basking temperatures. Together they are essential to enable proper & efficient digestion in reptiles.

It is advisable to always apply supplements to reptile food at every meal. When Nutri-Cal is not being used, we recommend replacing it with Komodo’s Calcium Dusting Powder.

– A supporting eye health
– B assisting overall fitness and wellbeing
– C aiding the immune system and providing natural antioxidants
– D helping the calcium absorption and lowering the risk of MBD
– E bolstering growth and tissue development

– Protects immune system
– Healthy bones
– Supports circulatory system
– Fortified multivitamin calcium powder

Beastie Drink provides feeder insects and invertebrates with a hygienic and safe method of hydration. These creatures are prone to drowning if given a dish of water; beastie drink is a safer, hygienic alternative which maintains its gel like form. Best practice when dealing with feeder insects is to feed and water (gut load) them at least 12 hours before feeding them to any reptile.

Strong bones and calcium are essential for a healthy and happy life. Using Komodo’s Calcium Dusting Powder as part of a varied diet ensures access to this essential mineral which helps guard against conditions such as metabolic bone disease. It must be combined with the correct quality of UVB lighting, and/or adequate levels of either dietary or supplementary vitamin D3. Apply directly to live food or fresh food such as fruit and vegetables.

– Full of calcium
– Use as a supplement with live food
– Protects and maintains your pet’s health

Komodo Calcium Supplement for Herbivores is the perfect supplement for your herbivorous friend. The supplement contains a variety of vitamins and minerals with extra calcium and phosphorus to help create a balanced diet for herbivorous animals. It is the ideal supplement for vegetarian animals receiving natural or artificial UVB light and therefore requiring minimal levels of additional D3. Herbivore Supplement is specially designed to apply to fresh vegetables and fruit.

– Ideal calcium to phosphorous ratio
– Tastes good
– Easy to feed

Komodo’s Chamomile Flower is a complementary food to aid in the all round health of a reptile, specifically in helping to reduce stress and treat bacterial infections.

Why Chamomile?

Chamomile is well known to help reduce stress and anxiety in animals, especially in very stressful situations. The ability of the flower being able to relax tense muscles means it can also help facilitate digestion. Chamomile also shows anti-inflammatory properties and can help in the treatment of bacterial infections.

This is a complementary food. Herbal treatment should not be used as an alternative to seeking professional veterinary advice.

Komodo Cuttlebone discs are made from real cuttlefish bones. They are rich in calcium, and are cut into hand discs to make their handling even easier.

Giving your tortoise or turtle access to a cuttlebone disc has 2 major benefits:

– It gives them something to nibble. The rough texture helps keep your reptile’s beak in good trim, negating the need for awkward filing or clipping at the vets.
– More importantly, it is a rich natural source of calcium – the stuff your reptile’s shell and bones are made from. Without a good supply of calcium and the necessary D3 to assimilate it, your reptile can suffer from MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease), leading to bone and joint weakness. It can also result in ‘soft-shell’, which can be painful and sadly fatal.

– Keeps beaks trimmed
– High in calcium
– Natural product

Pack of 4. Approximate size 4cm.

Komodo’s Nettle Leaf is a complementary food to aid in supporting and strengthening the digestive and immune systems of a reptile.

Why Nettle?

Nettle is valued for its diuretic, purifying and detoxifying properties. It can help prevent urine infections and improve the functioning of the pancreas, liver and stomach. It also strengthens the immune system and increases blood oxygen levels.

This is a complementary food. Herbal treatment should not be used as an alternative to seeking professional veterinary advice.

Komodo’s Premium Livefoods Booster for Bearded Dragons has been scientifically formulated to provide 100% of the nutritional requirements of Bearded Dragons when combined with insect feeding. Suitable for use from hatchling to adult.

Using our Livefoods Booster alongside correct UVB lighting enables your Bearded Dragon to make best use of the nutrients within this supplement. Simply dust onto insects prior to feeding.

– Designed exclusively for bearded dragons
– Contains essential vitamins and minerals
– Great addition to the diet
– Easily coats live food

– Vitamins A, D3 & E
– Calcium
– Phosphorous
– Fibre
– Protein
– Sodium

Revitalive is ideal to use whenever moving an animal to a new environment, such as when taking a new pet home. It is an essential tool that should be in every animal keeper’s first aid kit, as having it immediately to hand can make the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Dissolve in water to provide essential electrolytes and water soluble vitamins. Suitable for reptiles that are dehydrated, have a lack of appetite, diarrhoea or are suffering from stress or shock.

– Aids in rehydration
– Contains essential vitamins
– Easy to mix

Komodo’s Tortoise Leaf Mix combines Nettle and Dandelion leaves to help detoxify a tortoise and strengthen their digestive system.

Why Nettle?

Nettle is valued for its diuretic, purifying and detoxifying properties and can help prevent urine infections and improve the functioning of the pancreas, liver and stomach. It can also strengthen the immune system and increase blood oxygen levels.

Why Dandelion?

Dandelion helps to reduce the quantity of fluids in animals as well as lowering blood pressure and blood-sugar levels. Rich in magnesium, dandelion is also helpful in treating urine infections and aids the functioning of the liver.

This is a complementary food. Herbal treatment should not be used as an alternative to seeking professional veterinary advice.