24 Years of Trusty Pet Supplies

We have just passed our 2nd birthday at our Trusty Pet Supplies Superstore, which is a pet shop over 7500sq ft in space! We stock all types of pet food, including dry dog food, wet dog food and raw dog food, cat food, wild bird seed and food for small animals, ponds, aquariums and reptiles. This birthday has coincided with reaching our 24th year as Trusty Pet Supplies and we are excited for the next 24 years! Keep reading for some benefits of why to shop with Trusty Pet Supplies.

Raw Dog Food

We have 49 freezers and stock 25+ brands of raw dog food! We are established as one of the biggest raw dog food superstores in the country! We also offer delivery nationwide, as well as offering free delivery over £100 on raw. We are one of the only companies that offers free delivery, whilst offering a wide selection of brands. Our delivery service extends to 6 days a week including Saturday delivery at no extra cost! We also post orders on a Sunday, to be received on Monday, so if you have been left a little short, we have you covered! 

Another benefit of our raw food delivery service is that we send all orders on a Pre 12:00 service, unless it is not available for your post code. This means that is gets to you quicker as well as being perfectly frozen, ready to go straight into your freezer. 

Dog Food Selection

Whilst we do offer a wide range of raw dog food, we also offer a selection of dog food, both dry and wet to cater for all budgets. We stock numerous budget brands in 12-15kg bag sizes, starting from as low as £15 for a 12kg sack. We also stock number of brands that are hypoallergenic and wheat gluten free, if your dog has some allergies and you are looking for a better quality food. Lastly, we stock grain free dog food, such as Edmondson’s, Orijen, Eden and Fish4Dogs. This is also mirrored in our dog treat selection! 

Wild Bird 

With over 10m of shelf space dedicated to wild bird, our wild bird centre has exactly what you are looking for. From Wild Bird seed, to fat balls, to mealworms and calciworms, we have you covered. We stock all types of seed, from 100g to 25kg depending on how much you need! Popular brands included Gardman, Bucktons, Johnston and Jeff and also the ever popular Peckish. Peckish Complete Seed and Nut Mix and Johnston and Jeff Selected Wild Bird Seed are two of our best sellers so why not come and see for yourself in store why they are so popular!

We could keep writing forever and a day about all of the products we have here at Trusty Pet Supplies, but why not come and visit us in store, at Trusty Pet Supplies Superstore, Kingsway Park Close, Kingsway Ind Estate, Derby, DE22 3FP or check out our pet shop online!