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Trusty Pet Supplies Calciworms

From £10.99RRP £12.99 Save up to £4

Perfect for feeding hedgehogs, reptiles and chickens, as well as your garden birds!


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(5 customer reviews)


Calci Worms contain 20 to 40 times more calcium than Dried Mealworms which importantly contributes to stronger bones and eggs.

Calci Worms are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens). They are high in protein, energy giving fat, amino acids and incredibly high in calcium.

These properties also make them an excellent addition to the diet of growing vertebrates such as hedgehogs and chickens. Standard mealworms are not safe to feed to hedgehogs due to containing high levels of phosphorous.

Calci Worms are a versatile and easy way to feed the wildlife in your garden; ideal for feeders, bird tables and ground feeding. 


5 reviews for Trusty Pet Supplies Calciworms

  1. windhill (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to change from buying mealworms but I thought I would try them as they are a lot cheaper. Although they are slightly larger than the mealworms and have a different texture my chickens love them! Their egg shells have definitely improved.I also mix them with bird seed for the wild birds and they are all eaten, maybe not quite as popular as the mealworms but that might just be the time of year(spring) as there is more natural food around.

  2. June Turney (verified owner)

    I have used Trust Pet supplies a few times and am always impressed by quality and speed of delivery. I have tried other sites but this is by far the best. I bought the calciworms as they were cheaper than mealworms and they have been just as well received. I soak them before putting on table or open containers and use dry in feeder. The birds are eating me out of house and home so they must be good. The sunflower hearts are excellent too.

  3. Odette Eddy (verified owner)

    As the price of mealworms have gone through the roof thought I would try these.As the birds and hedgehogs have gone through 5kg in a week I think they like them!! Excellent service.

  4. Susan Atkins

    Second time of ordering these….so so impressed with delivery, arriving earlier than advised! Great product….loved by everything that flies into the garden. And the fact they’re cheaper than mealworms goes a long way with me. The hedgehogs finish off any that’s left, which is rare, and nice to know they are safe for them

  5. Martin Birkhead (verified owner)

    The birds love them and so do our hedgehogs.

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