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Kiezebrink Raw Dog Food – Horse Mix Mince

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This mix exclusively contains horse as a protein source, and can therefore be a suitable part of an elimination diet. The mix only contains natural ingredients, with no artificial additives. It is not a complete mince – variation is necessary for a balanced diet.

– Meat 70%
– Bone 10%
– Organ 20%

Please note: soft bone contains less calcium than hard bone and therefore more is required to achieve the correct calcium level in a raw diet.

Always supervise your pet when feeding products containing bone.



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100% Horse: 60% meat, 20% meaty ribs, 15% heart, 5% liver.


68% moisture, 20% protein, 9% fats, 0,2% fibre, 1% ash, 0,43% calcium, 0,22% phosphorus, Energy: 159 kcal/100 gr.


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