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The Dogs Butcher Raw Dog Food – Mixed Meat with Turkey 80-10-10 1kg


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The Dogs Butcher Raw Dog Food is made in a DEFRA approved facility in Devon. An experienced raw feeder herself, Joanne has put years of knowledge and hard work into making her products.

The Dogs Butcher is as ethically sourced as possible from Britain. Sourcing local produce and free range poultry enables The Dogs Butcher to remain within their ethos of only using the best ingredients.

80-10-10 minces are roughly 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal, providing a complete balanced meal for your dog.

Lamb, beef and pork make up the 80% meat in this popular mince. We use 30% heart, 20% meat and 20% lung.
If your dog has never had this mix then please introduce it slowly as it can be rich for dogs who are not used to it.

Always supervise when feeding products with bone.


The Dogs Butcher

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Lamb, Beef and Pork make up the 80% meat (20% lamb, 20% pork, 30% beef) with 10% turkey meat, 10% turkey bone, 5% either pig, lamb or ox liver, and 5% either pig testicle, ox kidney or ox spleen. We use 30% heart, 20% meat, 20% lung in this mix as well as the 10% offal and 20% turkey.


Water 62.6%
Protein 17.54%
Fat 17.1%
Ash 1.2%
Fibre 1.5%


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