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Dorwest Keeper’s Mix

From £15.50 available on subscription

Super-boost your pet’s diet with this unique blend of eight herbs to support all-round health.

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Specially formulated using a blend of eight herbs, this supplement is perfectly balanced to provide natural antioxidants (to neutralise free radicals), vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fibres and complex bioactive compounds. Keeper’s Mix promotes all-round health, supporting vital organs and maintaining natural balance in your pet’s body, as well as encouraging a thick and healthy coat.

Which dogs can benefit from Keeper’s Mix?

Keeper’s Mix is ideal for all dogs as an all-round boost or to provide extra nutritional support for working dogs, animals performing at high levels or those experiencing physical demands. For dogs on raw diets, this supplement is a popular choice, with 100% herbal ingredients and nothing artificial – just pure, natural goodness.

Which beneficial herbs are found in Keeper’s Mix?

– Kelp Seaweed: for minerals, coat growth and pigmentation. We recommend Keeper’s Mix as a dog coat supplement, as the kelp seaweed encourages healthy coat growth.
– Celery Seeds: for suppleness and free movement. It’s important to look after your dog’s joints, as sadly these can wear as they age.
– Lucerne: also known as alfalfa, a nutritious plant that is a source of vitamins A, C & K.
– Nettle: rich in chlorophyll, iron and vitamin C.
– Rosemary: good for digestion and easing flatulence. It can also help maintain a healthy heart.
– Psyllium: for a healthy bowel and digestion. Excellent for improving the digestion of both raw and commercial dog food.
– Clivers: help to maintain good kidney and bladder function. Also helps maintain clear skin.
– Wild Yam: useful to maintain a healthy intestine.

The visible benefits are clear to see with a wonderfully thick and healthy coat, good pigmentation and improved overall health.

Introduce with a small amount and gradually increase to the full dose.
– Small dogs and cats: 1 measure.
– Medium dogs: 2 measures.
– Large dogs: 3 measures.
– Giant breeds: 4 measures.

Can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Can be used in conjunction with other medications.

Always read the label.



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Kelp Seaweed Powder, Celery Seeds, Alfalfa, Nettle, Rosemary, Psyllium Husks, Clivers, Wild Yam Root.


Protein 13.2%
Oils & Fats 3.9%
Ash 12.4%
Fibre 16.6%
Sodium 0.28%
Moisture 5.2%

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