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Southcliffe Raw Dog Food – Salmon & Tripe Mince 15% Bone

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Derbyshire based Raw Pet Food manufacturer. All ingredients are British and Human Grade quality.

Raw salmon (30%) and tripe (70%) mince with approximately 15% bone content. No offal.

Salmon is an ideal way to provide your dog with essential Omega-3 fatty acid. These help to control the inflammatory process throughout the entire body. They are necessary for healthy joint function especially as pets age and for healthy cardiovascular function, as well as healthy skin and coat. Green tripe for dogs is a wonderfully nutritious food. It offers almost a perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio and an ideal omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids ratio. It also helps boost a dog’s immune system. Raw tripe is high in protein, iron, manganese, selenium, choline, B3, and B12. These ingredients make this stinky food a great addition to your dog’s fresh diet.

Feed as part of a balanced diet. Always supervise when feeding products with bone.



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Moisture 71%, Crude Protein 13%, Crude Fats/Oils 14%, Crude Ash 2.5%, Crude Fibres 1%.


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